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Publicly Posted Positions (for Potential Lab Employees)

Internal and Publicly Posted Positions (for Current Lab Employees)

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Appointment Types

Appointment Type



Employed at a fixed percentage of time at 50% or more of full time for an indefinite period.

Faculty Scientist/Engineer or Faculty Senior Scientist/Engineer

Requires that an individual hold an active University of California (UC) faculty appointment.

Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA)

Registered graduate student of the University of California (UC), and eligible for a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointment on their campuses. UC rules and regulations pertaining to graduate students in the various disciplines normally apply. GSRAs work a fixed-percentage schedule and receive a flat monthly salary in accordance with their campus department policies. They are also eligible to receive fee remissions, including health insurance benefits, and nonresident tuition as determined by UC policies and as implemented for GSRs on the individual campuses.


Employed at any percentage of time, fixed or variable, where the appointment is expected to continue for less than 900 hours in a 12-month period.

Student Assistant

Full-time student attending an accredited school, college, or university.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Further scientific training and professional development for individuals who have recently completed a doctoral degree.

Rehired Retiree

Retired from the Laboratory, or any University of California (UC) location including the UC-managed Department of Energy laboratories.

Term Appointment

Employed to work on a specified project of clearly limited duration for a minimum of six months, up to three or five years, depending on the position.

Visiting Researcher

Appointment for person on approved leave from his or her home institution. The home institution does not need to be a university or college, nor does the individual have to be a faculty member of any institution. Appointments are for one year but may be extended for a second year on an exception basis.